1. "It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable."
    — Socrates

  2. "Even in the most crowded races, the point is reached when fatigue drives us back into ourselves, into those secluded parts of our souls that we discover only under times of such duress and from which we emerge with a clearer perspective of the people we truly are."
    — Tim Noakes, The Lore of Running

  3. "Running is for people who can’t handle drugs."
    — Dean Karnazes in 50/50
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  4. "We’re all just single stuf oreos in a double stuf world. But each and every day, we can do something to work towards that double layer of stuffing."
    — Matthew Bigman

  5. "When you first get a hill in sight, look at the top of it only once. Then imagine yourself at the bottom of the other side."
    —  - Florence Griffith Joyner

  6. "…he has long suspected that people who gravitate toward running or other endurance activities probably self-select for manic depression. Says he thinks it’s like an occupational hazard, and that what we’re essentially doing with heavy training is self-medicating with endorphins and such."
    — Again to Carthage, John L. Parker Jr.

  7. "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."
    — Marianne Williamson

  8. "Every day is a good day when you run."
    — Kevin Nelson, author and runner

  9. "I will go through a lot of pain to beat someone. If there’s pride and ego on the line, if I’m desperate, then I’m willing to go to a place where it hurts a lot more."

  10. "At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine—or air. It is also a free pass to friendship."
    — Benjamin Cheever, Author and Runner’s World contributor, in his memoir Strides

  11. "Hun, there are few days that I wake up and feel like a runner. Never have I looked in the mirror and said “I am a runner”. Never have I walked down the street and thought “I bet that person knows that I run”. At every. single. race. of my running career, I’ve gotten on the line and thought to myself “you can’t do this, who are you trying to fool, you’re not cut out to be a runner”. But then I tune out the voices that tell me no, and get shit done. Because YOU decide what you want to be. YOU get to wake up in the morning and say “Yes! I am a runner!” Tell it to yourself enough and you’ll start to believe it. It doesn’t matter how fast or how far you’re going, what matters is that you’re going at all! I know you can do it. Everyone has rough days/weeks/months. Pick your chin up and keep going, you’re closer than you think!"
    — Megan

  12. "I love the wind blowing through my hair, the different smells, the sun beating down on me, and the scenery. On my run this past Sunday, I was reminded of how great running feels when I was running along side the Rappahannock River. It was fantastic, smelling the freshly bloomed trees and bushes and watching the ripples of water just flowing down the river. Ahhhh!"
    — Jennifer Homendy, Runner’s World Challenger

  13. "Running 100 miles helps you realize you can do anything. It’s a great analogy to life. It’s like, ‘OK, just keep going, one foot in front of the other.’"
    — Liza Howard, 2011 U.S. 50-mile and 100-K national champion

  14. "A perfect run has nothing to do with distance. It’s when your stride feels comfortable. You’re on your toes trying to push it. Suddenly you realize you can open it up a bit more. You know you’re at one with yourself and the environment. You’re a little more alive than before you started."
    — Sean Astin, actor

  15. "You’re running on guts. On fumes. Your muscles twitch. You throw up. You’re delirious. But you keep running because there’s no way out of this hell you’re in, because there’s no way you’re not crossing the finish line. It’s a misery that non-runners don’t understand."
    — Martine Costello, author and runner