1. Fuck My Stepdad

    So I live with my Mom and my Stepdad along with whatever sibling is here. My stepdad has bipolar disorder and severe depression. He’s a fucker. Not to us really. The worst thing he does to us is ignore us, but he’s sometimes an asshole to my mom.

    Anyway, my oldest sister lives in London and she has some friends from England biking across the country! She asked if they could stay at our house tomorrow night, but my mom says my stepdad won’t allow it. THAT IS SO FUCKED. She said when the painters came to paint out house, he his all his expensive watches and stuff. He’s a fucker, for real.

    I really wanted to show them some hospitality and house them and make them dinner but my stepdad is fucked.

    So now I’m trying to find them a place to stay.

    Here’s their website if you want to check it out.

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  2. mylifeimmortalized said: And people wonder why other countries don’t like Americans
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