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    Posting this because on my run today a woman yelled from her Jeep as she was driving, “Put some clothes on!”

    I wish I had the opportunity to tell her how it feels to hear that. YOU try running six miles on the streets in 80+ temps and come back to me and tell me that yea, wearing a sticky, itchy, and down right uncomfortable shirt is a good idea. 

    Body shaming is just so aggravating.  All I’m trying to do is run in the most comfortable way possible. I’m not showing off, I’m not aiming to be provocative, I’m not even wearing tight spandex. But who cares if I was? Who cares if I wanted to flaunt my body? It’s my body and I have every right.

    You’re wearing even more clothes than I do. People suck.

    I just don’t understand it… why go out of your way to yell something like that out of your car?? What good are you doing in the world? Does it make feel all high-and-mighty? This has happened to me too many times before. (In fact, one time I was running with a few of the girls on the team and we actually got, “SLUT!” from a car. Yep.)

    I hate people. Keep doin your thing,girls! People are so rude that they feel entitled to spoil someone’s mood when they’re just doing the thing they love

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    This is in my Economics textbook

    This is fucked up

    if you couldn’t SEE how fucked up this is, let me put this into even more perspective for you.

    a male with no high school education still makes more than a female with 9th-12th grade education (no diploma).

    a male who is a high school graduate still makes more than a female with an associate’s degree.

    a male with a bachelor’s degree only makes about ~$2000 less than a female with a fucking doctorate’s degree.

    tell me again why feminism isn’t important.

    I am personally offended to the highest degree

    "The wage gap doesn’t really exist." Fucking yeah right.


    Now let’s break it down by race.

    this is why women outnumber men in college. A vast majority of women need college for a higher income vs men.

    Not sure why I’m reblogging this, but maybe it’s because I get annoyed when people twist facts to support their own beliefs. First of all, I am a feminist. I believe men and women should have equal rights, opportunities, wages, etc. There is no reason they shouldn’t. Second, that says AVERAGE INCOME. Notice they are NOT comparing a man and a woman of the SAME job, just of the same education. Due to our societal beliefs, women are more likely to stay at home and not work to take care of kids. Even if they don’t have a child, more often than not a man will provide financially for a women than the other way around. Not saying I agree with that, but that is the norm of our society. That MAY be a reason why the female incomes are far lower than the men - a man is more likely to work. However, we all know that women DO make less than men at the same job. These numbers are just a bit inflated in that regard. On the other hand, you could infer this data to mean that men receive more job opportunities and higher paid positions because they are men - so that sucks.

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  3. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick nasty brah

    Woke up with a nasty cold and a super stuffy and runny nose. Was able to get out for a run, but didn’t swim or do yoga. I feel better tonight maybe I’ll do some outside or something.

    But yeah, I did kind of a walk run thing for my run because my legs felt like crap. I’m in such a funk and it sucks, especially since I have a 50 mile race late August that I haven’t really trained for.

    Oh well. LIFE GOES ON

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    Seriously, who looks so happy at mile 22?

    Don’t forget to vote!

    Yo, GO VOTE FOR HER! Get a runblr on the cover of RunnersWorld.

    Vote. Reblog.


  5. Bet Your Bottom Dollar

    Tomorrow, I’m going to RUN, SWIM, and do YOGA.



  6. Come on

    Made it all of 2.35 miles yesterday before I had to stop and walk a good amount. My legs were KILLING ME! And it wasn’t soreness or tightness - it was deadness. They were fucking dead…again. So I need to really do some light stuff - yoga, swimming, etc. And short light running to recover in time for running camp in less than two weeks. It was probably that stupid DC run that did me in. I’m so stupid.

    Anyway, I learned that doing yoga to The Black Keys makes it fun. 

  7. Homemade Moroccan dinner :)


  8. My asscrack is chafed.

  9. I did a little DC tour on my run this morning. I ran from my aunts house which is like 3.5 miles from the mall. I was only going to run for an hour, but I was persistent in seeing all I wanted to see. So I ran on in the crazy humidity and it was KILLER. I was walking a lot and was super dehydrated and tired as sweaty. Ended up being 2 hours and 10 minutes. Oh well, it was fun to see everything!

  10. I did a little DC tour on my run this morning. I ran from my aunts house which is like 3.5 miles from the mall. I was only going to run for an hour, but I was persistent in seeing all I wanted to see. So I ran on in the crazy humidity and it was KILLER. I was walking a lot and was super dehydrated and tired as sweaty. Ended up being 2 hours and 10 minutes. Oh well, it was fun to see everything!


  11. Male runner problems:

    Your mom gives you your sister’s running shorts from the laundry…

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  13. Yo, So Like

    I’m sore and tired.

    Here’s why:

    • Running on these DAMN hill[s]
    • Tennis yesterday
    • Hardcore abs yesterday and non-hardcore abs yesterday
    • Kayaking today
    • WATER SKIING!!!!!!

    That’s right, I went water skiing! It was fun as shit. It was my second time ever too. On my third try, I finally got up and was water skiing for a while! Like minutes. But then it twas hubris that brought me down. I wanted to get to the side off the wake, but fell because it was technically hard to do. But yeah, really fun. I was whoopin and hollerin and fist pumping into the air. 


  14. Tuesday Teachings: Training Overloads, Recovery, and Overtraining Part 1

    Hey everyone! Today we’re going to talk about the categories of training loads and recovery as well as the concept of overtraining.

    Weeks ago, we talked about tapering, which is important because of the negative effects training has on your body and mind - it wears you down mentally and physically. This is because training involves a work load that is more than your body is used to. Some markers we can measure of this are plasma creatine kinase (CK) levels (which leak into blood when muscles are damaged) and with questionnaires asking athletes about their mood, mental energy, physical energy, and muscle soreness.

    That’s just some background info. Now let’s lay out the three different types of training overloads. Keep in mind these are merely categories and could technically be categorized differently, but they ARE useful in order to plan training and get an idea of how much recovery you may need. 

    • Normal training - your usual training is going to result in acute fatigue. That is why people take a day or two off or will have a recovery day of shorter/easier running.
    • Functional overreaching - this is when you undergo more training load than normal training to the point in which you experience a temporary decrease in performance. Your coach may throw a really hard week like this at you before competition season. The key to this being FUNCTIONAL is that adequate recovery is performed after this overreaching. So you recover (wether it be multiple days or a week or two) so that your performance is better than before the overload. Recovery may be less/easier mileage with some days off depending on training level.
    • Nonfunctional overreaching - this is the same thing as functional overreaching, but NOT enough recovery is done so that the athlete’s performance does not increase. At best, it will result in equal performance level after recovering - not improved.
    • Overtraining Syndrome - this is an extended period of time (weeks, possibly months) of overloading your body without enough of rest. This is long term and results in a huge decrease in performance. It can take months to recover from this.

    Conversationally, overtraining is usually used just to say that you’ve been running/training too much and need to scale it back and add some recovery to your week. This is different from overtraining syndrome which is a really serious issue.

    Overtraining can be cause by a plethora of factors:

    (This is not my picture. It is taken from my professor’s lecture.)

    Keep that in mind while training. Don’t always expect to be able to train during bad conditions like family life, illness, sleep, etc. This is why it’s important to listen to your body when training.

    Personally, I was running 45-55 miles a week, and I should have decreased the mileage every couple weeks to avoid overtraining. But I didn’t, and my legs started to feel DEAD. Not tight or sore. Dead. That was the sign I listened to, so I took some days off and took it easy.


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    The Lion & The Gazelle: Joe Grant

    This guy is just plain awesome

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